"11" Registration FAQ's

All our cherished number plates can be assigned to Brand-new vehicles registered on or after March 1st, 2011.

Don't worry if you haven't got a brand new vehicle, you can still buy on a certificate now to keep for the future. Make sure no one else pinches your special plate!

Browse our web site for "11" registrations or give us a call to discuss. If you can't find your ideal "11" plate, don't worry just give us a call and we may be able to locate it for you.

Payment options

You can order your new cherished number plate directly over the telephone. We accept all major credit cards, cheque (please allow a minimum of 7 working days for clearance), transfer credit, or bankers draft.

Alternatively, call in to our office in Huddersfield for a cuppa and a chat to discuss our numberplates.

Welcome to 11 Reg Plate

Our website dedicated to premium registration plates for vehicles registered on or after March 1st 2011.
Cartwrights Cars, based in Huddersfield, have over 20 years experience within the motor industry and recognise that a personalised plate from 11-reg-plate.co.uk is the ultimate and most individual gift your car can receive.

Our cherished number plates make the ideal gift for that special person 'who has everything', so whether it's a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or any other celebration, we're sure that a personalised registration Plate from
11-reg-plate.co.uk will make any occasion that little bit more special.

All our registration plates come as an all inclusive price including all the relevant documentation, transfer fee and 2 number plates.

Demand for these numbers is proving to be exceptional and we urge you to pre-order yours now while it is still available.

Why buy your private number plates from 11-reg-plate.co.uk?

When you buy an unissued Registration Mark from us the price you pay for your chosen 'Registration Mark' is all inclusive price including all the relevant documentation, transfer fee and 2 number plates. As part of our service 11-reg-plate.co.uk also manufacture and supply the physical number plates included within the price, saving you the time and trouble of getting them from a third party supplier.

This means that:

• You can buy 365 days a year.
• You can rest assured that New Reg makes the process hassle free.
• You don't get confused with official forms.
• You don't have to drive to your nearest DVLA office and compete for parking!
• You don't have to join any queues at DVLA offices.
• Your new number plates will be delivered to your door.
How many more reasons do you need to buy your registration mark from 11-reg-plate.co.uk?

Please check our 'plates for sale' page for all of our available 11 registration plates.